Friday, April 1, 2011

BE 100% Pure Moxie Kit: Swatched

The BE 100% Pure Moxie Kit box.
Included 3 brushes and 5 powders.
As promised, here are some swatches of the powders that came in the 100% Pure Moxie kit I got at Ross the other day. (Read about how I got it for $5 here!) It came with 2 full sized eyeshadows, a radiance duo, a blush and a tinted mineral veil. It also came with 3 makeup brushes. It was missing a lipgloss originally included with the kit, but I can't complain about that when I got such a great deal.

The radiance duo can open on either side alone or both sides at the same time to mix the 2 powders. In the image, Pure Radiance is on the left and Tropical Radiance is on the right. It can also twist shut so that no powder will spill out. I think this is a great idea to prevent messes. (I know they recently started putting something like this on the BE face powders as well. I don't actually like those, they do not open and close as easily as this does.)

Tropical Radiance is a sheer coral shimmer and Pure Radiance is a sheer shimmery gold.
The Tinted Mineral Veil is about a medium color but goes on sheer.

Naughty, Naughty Blush is also a shimmery coral color. Magnetize is a celadon colored eyeshadow with lots of shimmer and Kudos is a shimmery golden eyeshadow. Both are glimpses which means they will go on more sheer than a normal BE eyeshadow.

I love these colors, so I am sure I will end up using these a bunch. I tend to like the greens, golds and corals so this is perfect for me. (I also like purples and grays for the record.) :)

Again, I know this is an older kit. You can still purchase it from Amazon though, I found here it for $21.75. I think it is a great deal, even at that cost!

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