Monday, March 28, 2011

Who knew? Beauty bargains at Ross...

I happened to stop by my local Ross today and browse through their selection of beauty products. I can't say that I do this often, I have no idea what made me stop and look today. However, I found a Bare Minerals 100% Pure Moxie kit there with no price tag on it. I opened it up and it was missing the lipgloss but all the powders and brushes were there and still sealed. I asked a sales associate that was stocking nearby if she had any idea how much it was, but she did not. She told me they could find out up front.

On my way up front, I saw a 4 pack of Wet and Wild mineral eyeshadows for $4.99, so I decided to give those a shot as well. When I got to the counter, the girl at the register said she would have to find something similar that had a price tag to scan for the Bare Minerals kit. She saw that I had the Wet and Wild eyeshadow as well and told me she could just ring it up at the same price as those. ($4.99!) Of course I said okay and paid her the $10.90 due for both items. I knew I had gotten a great deal and I am so excited about it.

When I got home, I googled the kit and found it originally retailed for $54. What a deal I got! I am not sure exactly when it came out, but it is an older kit. I found reviews of it online from 2007 and 2008. (You can still find it available to purchase on online though, I found it here on Amazon for $21.75.) So here it is:

The outside of the box.

Whats inside! All sealed still... 

I will do some swatches for this kit soon and post them. Again, I know it is an older kit but it was just such a great deal I had to share. I would have paid $15 or $20 for this at Ross, so I don't think ordering it off Amazon is a bad deal at all. Especially if you love the colors!

And here is the Wet and Wild eyeshadows set I got that ended up scoring me a major discount.... I will do a separate post on these soon, I have some pretty strong opinions about them so far. I like the colors but I am not so sure about the packaging. More on that later.... 

Thanks for checking in! These are not the only things I got today, (Gasp!) I purchased a couple of MAC items at CCO and found some storage solutions at TJ Maxx and Target. I will get some swatches and more photos up soon, so keep checking back!  :)

UPDATE: Click to see the swatches!

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