Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Set

This is the Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals eyeshadow set I bought at Ross yesterday for $4.99. Wet n Wild can be a bit hit or miss in my opinion, but you can't really go wrong for the cost! Even if you purchase something you don't like, you are only out a few bucks. So I decided to give these eyeshadows a try.

Here is a picture of the set in their package. It comes with 4 colors, Copper, Graphite, Amethyst and Crown gold. The colors are all colors I like to use. Copper is a very reddish coppery color; Graphite is a dark, sparkly grayish black; Amethyst is a bright purple with a blueish iridescence to it and Crown gold is a dark brownish gold.

Here are the colors in their tubes. From left to right: Crown Gold, Copper, Graphite, Amethyst. When you unscrew the cap the lids have an attached applicator. Think something like a lipgloss applicator but with a small, round spongey tip. I think the packaging is horrible, just by unscrewing the cap and pulling it off I ended up with colorful powder everywhere. The applicator itself is okay but not great. 

Here are some swatches with the flash... 

...and some without the flash. 

Overall, these had good pigmentation, it didn't take a whole lot to achieve the colors you see in my swatches. They are mineral based so hopefully better for your skin. If it weren't for that darn mess it creates when you open it I would love these. You can kind of see how messy they were in these swatch pictures... there are little particles everywhere! I do really like the colors and will keep them though. I think I am just going to look for some other type of jar or container I can put them in and I bet I will use them often. Until then, I think they might be on the bench.  :)

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