Monday, March 28, 2011

Impulse purchase: Sephora Color Flip

While waiting in line at Sephora last week, I came across this little gem in the bargain bins by the register. It was $15 and once I played with the sample I couldn't pass it up! I actually went there to buy a gift for someone else, but I should have known I can't leave that place without buying myself something! :)

The Color Flip opens into 3 different levels. The top tray has a mirror and 8 eyeshadows in mostly neutral shades, but with a great teal and purple as well. The next level has 8 lipglosses in all shades from clear with glitter to hot pink to red. I actually haven't played with these yet, I am not usually a fan of lipglosses in palettes. (Sorry no swatches of these glosses yet, I will update that soon.) The bottom level has 2 powders, a blush and a bronzer.

Shadows in the palette: The left column would make great highlighters, I think you could use the dark green (3rd on bottom row) or the dark brown (last on bottom) for a liner. The dark brown is the only matte shade, it could also work for your eyebrows. (It worked for mine!)

Eyeshadows swatched in the same order they appear in the palette:
(without flash, natural light)

(no flash, artificial light)

The lip glosses: These are a little brighter in person, but pretty close. The red (top left) has no glitter or shimmer, the rest do.

Lipglosses swatched in the order they appear in the palette. (With flash.)  The top right 2 and bottom right glosses appear very sheer. The rest all seem to have at least some pigmentation. 

The blush and bronzer: Again these are a little brighter in person. Both have shimmer. The blush is a really pretty peach color and the bronzer is a warm golden brown.  

Swatches of the blush and bronzer with flash.  From left to right, the blush blended, the blush swatched, the bronzer swatched and the bronzer blended. 

All of the eyeshadows and powders seem to be fairly well pigmented. Definitely better than I expected for a the price! They show up better in person, my photographs seem to have washed them out just a touch. I feel like it is a great selection of colors that should work on most people, so this is an excellent option for travel. Especially if you want to pack light. The case closes quite securely, I don't think I would be worried about it popping open in my purse. It is great that a mirror is included, you wont need to pack an extra one if you don't want. Another good feature is that the powders and lipglosses are separate, no worry of powder contaminating your lipgloss!

Overall I think this is an excellent buy for $15, I will probably use mine for travel and maybe even purchase more for gifts. I believe anyone who is into makeup would love this!

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