Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upcoming Haul Reviews...Stay Tuned!

I am sooooo excited that I finally got some stuff in the mail today. Lots of new products to review, I will make time for all of them! Besides the orders I received, I have been doing a little shopping. Just a little. (yeah right!) Here is what you will be seeing in the next couple of weeks....

   UD The Black Palette, Stila Artist's Inpiration Palette, Bare Minerals Sweet Escape set and Benefit Stay Put set. I always get perfumes for my free samples with Sephora orders so I will let you know how I like those as well. I got Gucci Guilty, YSL Parisienne and Michael Kors Very Hollywood. I also received a free deluxe sample with my BE purchase, it is a mini Rare Minerals Blemish Therapy powder.

EyesLipsFace (E.L.F.):
   A couple of weeks ago there was a Groupon for E.L.F. that cost $15 and you got $35 worth of their mineral makeup. I have never tried any of their makeup before, so I figure such a great discount as a Groupon would be an excellent way to get the most for my money. I ordered 7 single shadows, two 2-pack shadows with eyeshadow brushed and one eyeshadow trio kit. I will let you know all about them.

Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO):
   I made two trips here for MAC products in the past two days. I bought 3 pigments and a lipgloss set the first day and 2 more pigments, 2 eyeshadows and a holiday set of 5 mini pigments on the second trip. I also bought Coach's Poppy perfume there for 20% less than I have seen it anywhere else. (I'm not going to lie, I actually still want to go back and get more but I must give my wallet a break!! lol) Check back for reviews and swatches. I will let you know about my experiences at the store and what kind of stock they had on hand as well.

   I have probably been to Ulta at least 5 times in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Their sales right now are so good, and besides, they are the only place I know of that sells the NYX Pearl Mania Pigments near me. Most of my purchases there were NYX products. I also have several NYX items I purchased at my local Bartell Drugs, I will just group these all together when I talk about them.

Ulta (besides the NYX stuff):
   I have also purchased a couple things from BE, Benefit, UD, LA Splash and some hair products at Ulta in the past few weeks. I will go over these in detail later.

I think that about covers it.... (Ha!) I guess it doesn't even start to but at least I will have some good content for a bit. And then I will have to go buy more. :)

Review: Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Set

This is the Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals eyeshadow set I bought at Ross yesterday for $4.99. Wet n Wild can be a bit hit or miss in my opinion, but you can't really go wrong for the cost! Even if you purchase something you don't like, you are only out a few bucks. So I decided to give these eyeshadows a try.

Here is a picture of the set in their package. It comes with 4 colors, Copper, Graphite, Amethyst and Crown gold. The colors are all colors I like to use. Copper is a very reddish coppery color; Graphite is a dark, sparkly grayish black; Amethyst is a bright purple with a blueish iridescence to it and Crown gold is a dark brownish gold.

Here are the colors in their tubes. From left to right: Crown Gold, Copper, Graphite, Amethyst. When you unscrew the cap the lids have an attached applicator. Think something like a lipgloss applicator but with a small, round spongey tip. I think the packaging is horrible, just by unscrewing the cap and pulling it off I ended up with colorful powder everywhere. The applicator itself is okay but not great. 

Here are some swatches with the flash... 

...and some without the flash. 

Overall, these had good pigmentation, it didn't take a whole lot to achieve the colors you see in my swatches. They are mineral based so hopefully better for your skin. If it weren't for that darn mess it creates when you open it I would love these. You can kind of see how messy they were in these swatch pictures... there are little particles everywhere! I do really like the colors and will keep them though. I think I am just going to look for some other type of jar or container I can put them in and I bet I will use them often. Until then, I think they might be on the bench.  :)

Pretty in Purples

Here is a random look I did last week before going to work. I have been buying more and more bright, fun colors lately, and wanted to try out a purple I got. I ended up really liking the look, so I wrote down everything I used and took some pictures. I really like purples (as well as greens, golds and neutrals in case you were wondering) so this is definitely a look I'll do again. Here we go....

Here is what I did:

After my usual face makeup routine, I used the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese allover my eyelid as a base. I like to get a good amount on there and then blend it with my finger. Then I covered my entire lid with the Purple single eyeshadow from NYX. I used Aloha single eyeshadow from NYX in the inner corner of my eyelid and as a highlight. I blended this in pretty well. Then I applied Deep Purple single eyeshadow from NYX in the outer corner and blended it up into the crease. I blended this about midway and then continued to blend it out for a subtle smokey look. I used MAC Black Tied with an angled eyeliner brush (MAC 266) for my eyeliner. (This is my usual liner, I get the brush wet, then get the eyeshadow on it and apply it to my lashline. I find I have way more control with this than with liquid eyeliners and I can get a much finer line than with a pencil.) I finished my eyes with 2 coats of Buxom Blackest Black mascara (My favorite mascara EVER!) I used a very light amount of Bare Minerals Warmth on my cheeks for a little color and then applied Bare Minerals Glee over it to get the pinkish shimmer you see. On my lips is NYX Round Lipstick in Paris with a coat of Bare Minerals Lipgloss in Plumtini over it.

Here is a close up of my eyeshadow...

Hope you enjoy!  :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Impulse purchase: Sephora Color Flip

While waiting in line at Sephora last week, I came across this little gem in the bargain bins by the register. It was $15 and once I played with the sample I couldn't pass it up! I actually went there to buy a gift for someone else, but I should have known I can't leave that place without buying myself something! :)

The Color Flip opens into 3 different levels. The top tray has a mirror and 8 eyeshadows in mostly neutral shades, but with a great teal and purple as well. The next level has 8 lipglosses in all shades from clear with glitter to hot pink to red. I actually haven't played with these yet, I am not usually a fan of lipglosses in palettes. (Sorry no swatches of these glosses yet, I will update that soon.) The bottom level has 2 powders, a blush and a bronzer.

Shadows in the palette: The left column would make great highlighters, I think you could use the dark green (3rd on bottom row) or the dark brown (last on bottom) for a liner. The dark brown is the only matte shade, it could also work for your eyebrows. (It worked for mine!)

Eyeshadows swatched in the same order they appear in the palette:
(without flash, natural light)

(no flash, artificial light)

The lip glosses: These are a little brighter in person, but pretty close. The red (top left) has no glitter or shimmer, the rest do.

Lipglosses swatched in the order they appear in the palette. (With flash.)  The top right 2 and bottom right glosses appear very sheer. The rest all seem to have at least some pigmentation. 

The blush and bronzer: Again these are a little brighter in person. Both have shimmer. The blush is a really pretty peach color and the bronzer is a warm golden brown.  

Swatches of the blush and bronzer with flash.  From left to right, the blush blended, the blush swatched, the bronzer swatched and the bronzer blended. 

All of the eyeshadows and powders seem to be fairly well pigmented. Definitely better than I expected for a the price! They show up better in person, my photographs seem to have washed them out just a touch. I feel like it is a great selection of colors that should work on most people, so this is an excellent option for travel. Especially if you want to pack light. The case closes quite securely, I don't think I would be worried about it popping open in my purse. It is great that a mirror is included, you wont need to pack an extra one if you don't want. Another good feature is that the powders and lipglosses are separate, no worry of powder contaminating your lipgloss!

Overall I think this is an excellent buy for $15, I will probably use mine for travel and maybe even purchase more for gifts. I believe anyone who is into makeup would love this!

Who knew? Beauty bargains at Ross...

I happened to stop by my local Ross today and browse through their selection of beauty products. I can't say that I do this often, I have no idea what made me stop and look today. However, I found a Bare Minerals 100% Pure Moxie kit there with no price tag on it. I opened it up and it was missing the lipgloss but all the powders and brushes were there and still sealed. I asked a sales associate that was stocking nearby if she had any idea how much it was, but she did not. She told me they could find out up front.

On my way up front, I saw a 4 pack of Wet and Wild mineral eyeshadows for $4.99, so I decided to give those a shot as well. When I got to the counter, the girl at the register said she would have to find something similar that had a price tag to scan for the Bare Minerals kit. She saw that I had the Wet and Wild eyeshadow as well and told me she could just ring it up at the same price as those. ($4.99!) Of course I said okay and paid her the $10.90 due for both items. I knew I had gotten a great deal and I am so excited about it.

When I got home, I googled the kit and found it originally retailed for $54. What a deal I got! I am not sure exactly when it came out, but it is an older kit. I found reviews of it online from 2007 and 2008. (You can still find it available to purchase on online though, I found it here on Amazon for $21.75.) So here it is:

The outside of the box.

Whats inside! All sealed still... 

I will do some swatches for this kit soon and post them. Again, I know it is an older kit but it was just such a great deal I had to share. I would have paid $15 or $20 for this at Ross, so I don't think ordering it off Amazon is a bad deal at all. Especially if you love the colors!

And here is the Wet and Wild eyeshadows set I got that ended up scoring me a major discount.... I will do a separate post on these soon, I have some pretty strong opinions about them so far. I like the colors but I am not so sure about the packaging. More on that later.... 

Thanks for checking in! These are not the only things I got today, (Gasp!) I purchased a couple of MAC items at CCO and found some storage solutions at TJ Maxx and Target. I will get some swatches and more photos up soon, so keep checking back!  :)

UPDATE: Click to see the swatches!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming Attractions...

Hello Lovelies!

I am still working on the design and layout of this blog but hope to get it perfected soon! I have some orders on the way and can't wait to get my hands on them and share them with you! 

In addition to product reviews, I will post tutorials for makeup looks I create and beauty bargains as I find them. So check back soon! :)